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The philosophy of Fitness with a View is to provide knowledge and atmosphere for a better you. That is what we have worked to achieve by our facilities both with a Greenville Downtown location and the one at Homestead at Hartness on the eastside off of Garlington road. The downtown location provides the convenience for our downtown clients with the character that downtown brings. The eastside location draws clients there due to its beauty. How can you not want to come and work out when the facility is on a 10 acre pond with a track for running, walking, and cycling. The option is always available to make the studio open air as well with our large apertures to the outside both in the personal training area and the group fitness room. The community also has a paved 1 mile track for when you just want to get a little more.

Our knowledge of exercise and nutrition is of utmost importance to us. As you are probably well aware the human body and functions are a constant evolving science. What you know now will change in 10 years. That is why it is a priority to continue with our education in our field and bring on professionals that do the same. In order for us to have ‘exercise with you in view’ we have to be on top of our game. We view it a privilege to be entrusted as a coach for your health, so we do all we can to help you in that area.

Trainer Bios

We Have a Passion For Wellness


Jamie has been training since 2002 and providing nutritional consultation since 2005. He studied at Greenville Technical College for 2 years in the personal training, biology, and nutrition division. He got into this area because of a back injury, and wanted to better take care of himself. Once he found out how enjoyable this field was he changed careers. He then pursued getting licensed through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and the Lifestyle Management Group out of Massachusetts in nutrition. This allows him to talk to many specialized groups ranging from: weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, diabetics, cardio patients, etc. He is certified in post and pre menopause and pregnant clients, exercise design, as well as athletic program design. He also is specialized in the functional movement style; covering all areas of weight resistance, cardio, and flexibility. He has been trained in the field of Gray Cooke. (Gray Cooke did an in depth study on functional movements of professional athletes to determine how to find and correct asymmetries in the body.)

He has a family of 5, a wife of 20 years and 3 children. They give him the passion to not only better his own health but also those around him. He feels a healthy lifestyle is necessary in order to be healthy. He believes each client has their own goal they want to achieve, not one exactly the same as the next. Jamie wants to help clients with their goals and this drives him to learn more about the body. Let’s have fun finding health!


Tatiana De Angulo was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1976. She comes from a family of athletes. Her father was a nationally recognized swimmer and her aunt swam for Colombia in the 1968 Olympics and 1972 Munich Olympics. She also has a cousin who swam for Colombia at the 2012 London Olympics. Ever since she was young she has been engaged in sports; from swimming to tennis to golf. She had the privilege of playing for the ETSU women’s golf team on a scholarship while earning her degree in psychology with minors in marketing and management.

Tatiana obtained her ACSM personal trainer certification shortly after completing the personal training certification program at Greenville Technical College in 2010. She’s always had a true and deep passion for fitness, nutrition and overall wellness.

Shortly after graduating from Greenville Tech she taught for that same program for 3 years. She finds it gratifying to guide future personal trainers and pass on to them her own experiences in the business. Tatiana has also worked extensively in the field since obtaining her certification. Guiding, teaching, empowering and motivating her clients to achieve their goals is her purpose every day. She has now been happily working at Fitness With A View since January of 2013.


Dawn Sult graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in 1994.  She has been practicing therapeutic massage in Greenville, SC for 22 years. She has received many hours of continuing education in Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai massage, and Reflexology.

Dawn is also a registered yoga teacher receiving her training certificate in March 2015 from It's Yoga in Greenville.She is very passionate about helping her clients with therapeutic touch and feels very blessed to have a successful career in Massage Therapy.  She is available Monday-Friday by appointment at the Homestead at Hartness location with Fitness With a View. 


Jennifer Sorrentino greets every class with open arms, an open heart, and a well of positive energy. This mother of two boys has a background in dance, and she was drawn to yoga as a way to reconnect with the elements of creativity, balance, and strength. Jennifer was so encouraged about the positive effects yoga had on her overall wellness that she decided she wanted to share what she had learned. She studied at Yoganize, LLC under Karen Noonan and is now a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. In her classes, Jennifer helps her students explore the mind-body connection and prevent injury by warming up their joints and building a strong core. Jennifer believes that yoga can give you the power to change your life, and she will gently guide you on your journey with kindness, compassion, and a welcoming spirit.


After graduating from Greer High School in 1986, Juli went to the University of South Carolina where she earned a BS in Psychology. Her goal was to go on to graduate school to earn a Ph.D. It was while she was doing her internship that she was dismayed with her chosen profession. She wanted to help people be healthy and happy. However, the fresh dose of reality helped her realize psychology was not the vehicle for her passion. Feeling overwhelmed and sidetracked from her original long term plans, she took an extended time off the professional track. She sought travel and play through exploration and physical activity.

Juli moved west to Aspen, Colorado where she learned the joy of snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and other fun activities. Regular daily activity became a new way of life for her. Eventually, Juli became very sick with a variety of illnesses and was a regular at the doctor’s office. She calls this ‘the doctor’s revolving door’ chapter of her life. After about half a year of persistent sickness, she became proactive with her health. And, thus, she began a personal journey of well-being and natural healing.

As Juli explored nutrition and exercise, she, further, began to see that health and happiness are intrinsically intertwined. Living a vibrant productive life appeared to be the best way to not only love herself, but more fully love the nearest and dearest in her life. Further, Juli realized she had to align her real passions with her professional life. She became an ACSM Certified Trainer after completing the Greenville Technical College personal training program. Within months, she continued her journey with certifications in Pilates' mat and reformer.

Juli has trained for six years, now, including over 500 hours of Pilates. She loves the variety of clientele at Fitness With A View. She thrives from the commitment of them all along with the passion of other dedicated professionals. In spite of two ‘bad’ knees, severe cervical arthritis, and rotator tears, Juli continues to be active and embraces a natural lifestyle to manage all of life’s challenges. She lives in Greer with her son Pace, her parents, their cat Lily, and Spots, the leopard gecko. I look forward to sharing my love for active lifestyles, fitness and wellness with my son as he grows and many others just like you.


Laura Seltz is 48-year-old mother of two beautiful teenage daughters.  Anna is a dancer; Jenna is a basketball player.  Laura married Perry in 2015, a triathlete who has completed several Ironmans.  Suffice it to say, exercise is a priority for her family.  After decades of being a paralegal, Laura decided to get certified in personal training and share her knowledge and passion with others.  With age definitely comes wisdom.  "I used to work out strictly for the aesthetic results and the way it made me feel.  Now, in addition to those benefits, the numbers I get back from my doctor every year confirms exercise will always be a part of my life."  Whatever your goals are for health and fitness, Laura is eager to help you reach them.


Nancy Erwin is a certified yoga instructor and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  Her journey of health, healing and mind/body awareness is incorporated into her classes as she brings peace and ease into each class - regardless of level or class objective.  She has a natural ability to tap into her inner wisdom, bringing insight to her classes and students.  Her focus is on form, breath, strength and flexibility as she shares her passion for yoga and it's many benefits.  You will find yourself to be challenged and rejuvenated in any of her various classes, and will leave looking forward to her next class.


Tina has always been very creative and an artistic person. She was inspired by great art teachers at an early age. Through art, she has been given a great perspective and clever ways of seeing new things every day as well as enjoying the simple things of Life. Tina was a dance minor in college, but she has been dancing her whole life. When your passions are strong, it's difficult to stand still. To her, "The trifecta of Music, Dance and Art has always fueled, and will forever, Mi Fuego!"

After a bit of encouragement, herself, she finally tried a Zumba® Fitness class and immediately was hooked. Dancing, staying fit, and feeling great while exercising ~ what's not to love??!! She has stayed with it since the jump, in 2012, and since then, has really enjoyed meeting and learning from other instructors and experiencing all the different types of Zumba®.

Every class feels like a party! Come join her and you'll see what she means. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow her lead. It's easy and fun! Come try it, "Join the Party", as they say, and you will have a blast!

Ellis Cossey

Karen Ellis Cossey considers herself a student of life. She draws upon various yoga techniques to create a welcoming space for students. She is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and YACEP with over 1,000 teaching hours.

Karen designs her classes to help students find ease, strength, and focus in their practice and unwind their minds through movement and breath. She creates a safe, welcoming space for students to feel strengthened and rejuvenated. Karen hopes to create an environment where students can let go of the past, not worry about the future, and just be in the present. She truly believes that everyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age or lack of flexibility.

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